Alpena County Animal Facility

Mission –Our Mission is to provide compassionate care to domestic animals in need. Through community partnerships we will help prevent the overpopulation of animals in our area with extensive spay and neuter programs as well as education on responsible pet ownership
▪Reduce the number of unwanted animals through aggressive spay/neuter programs.
▪Provide for the well-being of domestic animals in need, while making every effort to find each a lifelong, loving home.
▪Offer affordable wellness services and resources to pets and owners.
▪Promote the animal-human bond through outreach, education, and therapeutic programming
▪And, act as an advocate on behalf of animals in need of crisis.


Are you competing with other Shelters?

No, our intention is to work in conjunction with other shelters and rescues throughout Michigan to successfully place adoptable animals into responsible, loving, forever homes.

Where will the facility be located?

We have secured a long term lease on a building located on M32 West. Near the Days Inn. Behind the old Devere Construction building.

What is your fundraising goal?

Our current fundraising goal is $500,000. This will help us begin our phases of construction in the building, and help us with operational costs.

Who will maintain the facility?

Maintenance will be accounted for in our operating budget, and done by the staff, volunteers, the Board of Directors and community partnerships.

How will it be funded?

Initially, we are seeking donations for materials & services, as well as monetary pledges to get the project started. We will apply for grants when possible and rely on community donations and volunteers to start. Long term, we will be self-sustaining due to the variety of services offered.
You can also donate at

What type of facility will you be?

The Alpena County Animal Facility will be a No-Kill facility. ACAF is against the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals. We are hoping to provide counseling for pet owners, training opportunity, and in the long term would like to offer day and extended boarding. We also want to work together with our local veterinarians to offer shot clinics, and low cost spay and neuter.
We will make every effort to find each animal in our care a lifelong, loving home. We will network with other regional shelters and rescues to create a new opportunity for animals in our our care.

Alpena already has a shelter, why should we support a new facility?

The proposal for our new shelter includes many amenities that are not currently available. Facility plans include an education center, adoption center, training center, behavioral & socialization opportunities, community outreach programs, boarding kennels, and much more. We believe that more than one shelter can thrive in our area.

Who will own/run the complex, and where will it be located?

We have secured a long term lease on a building located on M32 West. Near the Days Inn. Behind the old Devere Construction building. The facility will be directed by an on-site manager with direct input from the Board of Directors, staff, and community.

How can I help?

Thank you for asking! We are excited you’re interested in our project! We are looking for monetary donations, materials and services to help us get the building converted to a shelter. We are also looking for donations for our Second Chance Resale Shop. Feel free to reach out to us at if you have questions about donations. Another way to help, is to volunteer!Again, we are grateful to have you on board, in any capacity! You can donate at